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Hi, what's up ! My name is Veronica and I'm a 29 year old Indonesian woman. I get married to a Korean man and we have a wonderful baby girl (born on August 2007) named Yoo-ryn. You can see her photo in this page...
At present, I'm working as a Kindergarten and Elementary teacher. I teach computer for children. The mission is that the children can educate from playing and learning the computer. I love this job coz I like children so much.
As my other hobbies, well, I love to collect worldwide postcards. I began to collect postcards since 1996. Up to now, I've more than 10,000 postcards from all over the world. For me, postcard is a way to travel around the world without spending too much money. From postcards, I can discover and explore the beauty of a country which is different from others.

My Little Angel...