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Phonecards 4 Sale

Phonecards 4 Sale
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 I used to collect phonecards before, but now..not anymore. I've about 300 phonecards left in my collection and I decided to sell them. Since phonecards became quite a rare thing in my country and it's so hard to get them, I want to sell each card for Euro 0.5 for magnetic/tamura and 0.75 for chip. If you're interested please send me an email. You can view some of my phonecards for sale here:

Phonecards 4 Sale

I'll add new cards from time to time in that page...
I also joined a phonecard group called: "Islands Phonecards Database" few months ago and I've met so many good collectors there. If you want to meet some reliable and honest traders, then you can join that group. Simply just jump to that site above.